Failed to load receiver assembly, System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly or one of its dependencies on Feature Receiver in SharePoint 2013

After breaking the deploy process by pressing CTRL+BREAK during Visual Studio 2012 deploy of SharePoint 2013 WSP I wasn't able to deploy my package any more. Deploy was failing with the message:

Failed to load receiver assembly...

After fiddling with Process Monitor and Fusion Log for a while I couldn't pinpoint why assembly couldn't be loaded. Assembly exists at appropriate location in GAC but my concern is that Visual Studio tries to access it few seconds before it is actually copied to GAC during deploy process. Aforementioned exception happens during feature activation phase of deploy process.

My solution to the problem was to change assembly version from to and build the SharePoint project. After that I I deleted feature receiver and added feature receiver again so that feature manifest XML file gets updated with correct version of feature receiver assembly.

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